WNG-536 transmitting antenna on Grant 

NOAA Weather Radio live on the Web! We are simulcasting NOAA Weather Radio stations WNG-536 at the NIU DeKalb campus (162.550 MHZ), KZZ-57 from Rockford (162.475 MHZ), KXI-58 from Plano (162.400 MHZ), and KZZ-81 from a tower near Lockport, IL (162.425 MHZ).

NOAA Weather Radio WNG-536, DeKalb, serving our DeKalb, Rockford and Lorado-Taft campuses:
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NOAA Weather Radio KZZ-81, Lockport, serving our Hoffman Estates and Naperville campuses:
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NOAA Weather Radio KZZ-57, Rockford, serving our Rockford and DeKalb campuses and students west, south and east from Rockford:
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NOAA Weather Radio KXI-58, Plano, serving our DeKalb and Naperville campuses and students west, south and east of DeKalb (this is also used as a WNG-536 DeKalb backup if our primary above goes down):
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Moline: CLICK
Bloomington, IL: CLICK
Peoria: CLICK
Springfield: CLICK

Please note: the KZZ-81 broadcast is received over-the-air from a transmitter some 50 miles away, and is subject to interference which we can do nothing about. The interference is especially bad on mornings with "temperature inversions" (cold air at the surface, warm air aloft, where FM-type radio signals can go crazy and bounce off of that warm layer). This typically happens in the mornings and when warm fronts come through or are nearby. You might even hear a distant station, in a few cases, that overwhelms the KZZ-81 signal. Again, there's nothing we can do about this. KXI-41 Plano also suffers the same fate, unfortunately.

WNG-536 in DeKalb serves Boone, Winnebago, Kane, Lee, Ogle, and DeKalb counties in north-central Illinois.

KZZ-81 in Lockport serves Kane, Kendall, Kankakee, Grundy, DuPage, Cook, and Will counties in northeastern Illinois, as well as Lake county in Indiana.

KZZ-57 in Rockford serves Winnebago, Boone, Stephenson, Lee, Ogle and DeKalb counties in north-central and northeastern Illinois, and Green and Rock counties in southern Wisconsin.

KXI-58 in Plano serves DeKalb, LaSalle, Kendall, Grundy, Will, Kane, and DuPage counties in north-central Illinois. KXI-41 in Crystal Lake serves Boone, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties in far northeast Illinois, as well as Kenosha and Walworth counties in southeastern Wisconsin.

These broadcasts are courtesy of NIU Weather, the NIU Physical Plant and the NIU Environmental Health and Safety department.

Established March 20, 2003. Thanks for listening!

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